Completely and pridefully self-taught in the skills of guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano/keys, recording and production Ambrose has written many songs and demos. 37 of these demos can be accounted for now.  While Ambrose can play multiple instruments including “lead” and “rhythm” guitar, he say’s it’s his passion to play guitar in an established band where there is no distinguishing title between the two guitars, as he prefers to transfer from chords to notes and back again. Having been in “Falling Into Fathom” with High School classmates, then turning down an offered spot in the band “Love Lies Bleeding,” Ambrose’s newest musical endeavor is “Hence, Fourth.”

Hence, Fourth was a reboot for Ambrose musically, this variant of his music came to life in the Fall of 2014. With a new start, a focus on mixing many genres and creating full concept albums Hence, Fourth Released a Demo Titled Space Shorts in the March of 2014. While being centered in Post-Hardcore Space Shorts contained many influences, including elements of Pop, Electronic and Psychedelic Funk.  Recorded and produced on Garageband, then released through free handouts and a Soundcloud account, Space Shorts was met with mediocrity from some, while acclaimed by others.  The song Petty Crook With A Pretty Face  from Space Shorts was nominated for “Metal/Punk Song of the Year” by the Zoo Music Awards.  Hence, Fourth played his first ever live set on April 24th 2015, with three competing nominees, in Missoula for the Zoo Music Awards Showcase.



“Hence, Fourth” Logo



Prior to “Hence, Fourth” Ambrose studied recording and producing music on his own for three years, from the ages of 18 to 21, on a Macbook Pro using GarageBand for the first two years and Logic Pro for the second. At this point he went under the shortened version of his full name ZeraCook.  As ZeraCook he experimented with many varied genres such as Hip-Hop, Techno, and Dubstep Infused Metal among others, while honing his skills of Recording, Production and Keyboard playing.  This was his first time ever using any recording equipment, resulting in his first ever recorded song, titled Point78.5, after how many times he compulsively saved the song in the recording process.  His premier contained Classic Rock Elements with a touch of Metal and Post-Hardcore.  After 3 years of style changes and what he referred to as “Production Learning Exercises” such as -””” and Only, ZeraCooks last song was a sorrowful yet optimistic piano peace titled Silence Can Sometimes Be Known As Acknowledgement.  Following Silence Can Sometimes Be Known As Acknowledgment Ambrose’s Macbook became decrepit and his recording went into a year long hiatus.


Before ZeraCook, Ambrose had started teaching himself guitar at the age of 16.  His first ever instrument was a left-handed guitar, strung to be played right handed, that he got from a pawn shop. Immediately upon starting to play, Ambrose and High School Classmates Myles Metzger and Charlie Pluff started the band Falling Into Fathom.  The band only had two official songs, and was mostly a Cover/Improv band.  Falling Into Fathom, Disbanded in the spring of 2011.   On New Years Eve of 2012 they reunited for one night.  Only one Improv Session on Youtube exists as evidence that there ever was a band, and was filmed on that night.


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